Animation Kits


Our new animation kits are now available. You can add the kit plus servos (not included) and animate your pilot. You can also add a controller board and program your pilot to move independently. The controller (item 1350 from Pololu) can be programmed with software you can download and program yourself. You will need two HXT500 Micro Servo 0.8kg / 0.07sec / 6.2g from HobbyKing for the head to pan and tilt, and one for the arm or arms to move, or a Turnigy™ TGY-50090M Analog Servo 20T MG 1.6kg / 0.08sec / 9g also from HobbyKing. It is easy to do yourself. Just swap out the upper torso from the pilot with the animation upper torso with the servos installed.