Customer Comments

“BTW I would recommend your fantastic pilots to anyone.”

– John

“I can’t recommend this pilot enough– he is lightweight (a mere 5.5oz all suited up), fully-articulating, parachute equipped with a headset and boom mike and choice of hats (I liked the white baseball cap), is scale-accurate and has a pleasant smile on his face, which is a huge improvement over the pained grimace on the Axel pilots. 


And he is much more affordable than Axel, which is a big plus in my book! I wish I’d known about the new “Plane Jane” figure before I got mine. She’s a saucy little tart– I’ll bet she flies with an attitude.”

“Ren, your Jane pilot attracts a lot of attention. Wherever I go people (mostly guys of course ) like my beautiful female pilot. And I have to admit, she’s a joy to look at!”

“Hi, Ren… Just want to say thanks a lot for your very best services. I received my scale pilot today in good condition. Like I said before, It was the best RC scale pilot I ever had. Its very beautiful, detail, removeable everything and almost like the real one. There are so many scale pilot in the market I seen but nothing more perfect like this one. What can I say ? Everything perfect…As a flyer and warbird lover, I hope you can produce more and more WWI and WWII pilot like Japanese or German pilot. This is not the end, we will meet again next time and good bye for now. Thank you very much !”
– LL Malaysia.

“Ren, My pilot turned up today and I’m blown away. So much nicer than I expected and without the 3-6 month wait from Europe. You may get a few more orders from me in the near future (quarter scale Ventus 2 glider and quarter scale Pitts S2a are on the building board) Happy customer,”

– Ian

“Today I received my pilot figure, it was great I was so impressed with the quality of the scale details, such as face hat, watch, parachute etc. You deserve to do well with a product of this quality. All my future pilots will be premier ones. All the best”

– Barry

“The premier pilots are just the thing I was looking for, they are lightweight and easy to adjust to fit my models, and look incredibly realistic.”

– Paul

“Hi, Ren, Your fantastic pilots arrived yesterday. It’s a great work! I am very happy! The pics on your website promise excellent craftsmanship – but the reality is better! The antique leather outfit is unbelievable fine – I’ve never seen anything commercially produced like this.”

– Frank R.

“I received the pilot today and must compliment you on it. It’s actually quite a bit nicer than I thought it would be, and I thought it would be great. I’ll almost have to have another before too long! You have an excellent product! best regards,”

– Bob

“Hey Ren I got my pilot today, Wow I am really impressed with him, I have mounted him into my all moulded 1/3.75 scale dg 600 and will take some photos and send them to you.”

– Nathan, Australia

‘Well Ren WHAT A SUPRISE your pilots are first Class!!! … I can’t wait to get them in the Moth.”

– Jack B.

“I’m stunned. Do you realize the trouble you’re causing? I’m going to go broke buying pilots & accessories from you. That’s amazing work. The Flight jacket, helmet and goggles will be perfect for the Goshawk.”

– Rick

“Your Pilot has arrived today in perfect shape 🙂 I’m really stunned! This is an extraordinary Pilot! Many thanks to you. As soon as my Bearcat is finished and the Helmet as well am I gonna send you some pictures. Best regards,”

– Markus

“Ren, The new pilots arrived! Another great craftmanship. The faces of the first heads are looking very friendly, all around. The faces of the new pilots are looking very friendly, too – yes. But they have that small touch of steel in the eyes, to make them fighter pilots. GREAT !!! We are very happy to have those excellent pilots and we wish to say many many thanks to you !”

– Torsten, Peter, and Frank

“I often see posts of guys looking for pilots, not only here but RCG & RCU. I may of found one, 14 actually on the web site, everything from (all 1/4 scale) vintage, WW1, WW2, Jets, plane Jane and civilian. They only weigh 5.5oz fully clothed and the cloths leave nothing to be desired, figure is 15” tall and fully articulating, they really are a work of art. My pilots name is Butch and I chose the blue shirt.


Head phones and 4 point latching seat belt harness sunglasses, hat are part of the accessories that come with the pilots. Leroy Jim and Butch arrived today and they are spectacular! Can’t compliment you enough on the quality of the pilots and the accessories that are included. Great work,”

– Steve

“Dear Ren, This is just to let you know that I today received your pilot in good order. I complement you on your product and particularly the service. It is top line. Best regards,”

– Fritz

“These are great! Just received mine last week. Ren is great to deal with. They are also very very light. I wasn’t expecting them to be so light. Please let me know when you have the jet pilots ready.”

– Scott

“Ren thanks for WW2 pilot. Arrived undamaged. Amazing detail. Pleased with purchase. John. New Zealand. Your pilot arrived today and he is AWESOME!! I can’t believe how light he is. WOW!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!”

– Dave

“Ren, My 2 pilots come drivers arrived this morning. Superb! I just fallen in love the sunglasses of all things. Hey……everything is amazing. How good is that leather jacket! He will go in a very old ¼ scale midget similar to the photo of Tony’s, that you sent me. When he is ready and so is the car, I will email you some pictures to add to you list of satisfied clients.


Thanks again for the wonderful service. I’ll certainly pass your name around my ¼ scale club. Please use this recommendation, on your site, if you so wish.”

– Bob Jeffreson

“Greetings, Ren Pilot arrived in perfect order yesterday. One word-magnificent! Regards,”

– Gerry

“They are LIGHT!!!!!! Even GI-joe suffering from termila cancer cant be that light at 1/6 scale, and your pilots are 1/4. Details are also fantastic!!!! I can recommend your pilots to anyone without ANY hesitation.”

– Toshiro, Happy and Impressed in Tokyo

“Thank you Ren for bringing down a few of your pilots which a blue shirted one came back home for a future project. People you will not find a better 1/4 scale pilot PERIOD! They are more life like then Axel and they come with all the accessories you could want! Also their shoulder width can be adjust to fit smaller or thinner ships or not quite 1/4 scale ships. 


The best part in my hand walking away $119.00 and he wouldn’t keep the extra dollar change! They are SO GOOD I am now going to buy 2 more!!! My Axel pilots are sitting in the corner with shame now the Bluecoat as they call him is on the workbench. And the way I land and fly, Bluecoat loves that the harness actually works because he may need to bail at any minute!”

– Jerry

“Honestly, that is probably the best looking and most detailed pilot figure I have seen in my 25 years of writing product reviews and taking photos of other people’s airplanes. And you can quote me on that if you wish.”

– Dick Pettit

“When they arrived I was extremely impressed. Figures are fully articulating / poseable, made from a soft yet firm plastic and fully clothed. As you can see from their web site they come with hat, sunglasses, watch, parachute pack, seatbelt harness and headset all as standard. For ease of use and scale detail I think Premier has the edge.


 I did quite a bit of searching on the net for 1/4 scale pilots and it seems that the Premier range are available from numerous sources under different names. I did all my dealings direct with Premier in the US, all emails were answered promptly and I would highly recommend them.” – A Crowe, Australia